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ANTIVENIN® (micrurus fulvius) Clinical Pharmacology


12.1 Mechanism of Action

North American Coral Snake Antivenin (Equine) specifically binds to and neutralizes coral snake venom.

12.2 Pharmacodynamics

North American Coral Snake Antivenin (Equine) is standardized for potency in mice in terms of its LD50 neutralizing capacity per milliliter as determined by intravenous injection of a graded series of mixtures of North American Coral Snake Antivenin (Equine) with M. f. fulvius venom. Based on this assay system, the reconstituted contents of each vial (10 mL) will neutralize approximately 250 mouse LD50 or approximately 2 mg of M.f. fulvius venom.

The results of cross-neutralization tests indicate that North American Coral Snake Antivenin (Equine) will neutralize the venom of M. fulvius tenere (Texas coral snake) but will not neutralize the venom of Micruroides euryxanthus (Arizona or Sonoran coral snake).

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